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In order to help fight the climate emergency, pollution and environmental degradation, Miguel Lacerda has brought together a group of people from Cascais who are truly committed to this cause. CASCAISEA is a non-profit association whose aim is, through its members and supporters, to act in an altruistic, voluntary and coordinated way to minimize or avoid any damage that may jeopardize the life of our Oceans and, more specifically, the sea off Cascais. The situation is critical and requires drastic measures and concrete action.
CASCAISEA will, within its possibilities and limitations, do everything it can to restore the Oceans’ ecosystems, to guarantee a better and more sustainable life for present and future generations and species, as well as for our planet.
O cenário é crítico, estamos perto do ponto de não retorno e isso requer medidas drásticas e ações concretas.

In order to pursue its aim, CASCAISEA will:

carry out studies on environmental issues, both on land and at sea;

foster citizens' awareness of the importance of defending the environment;

study the flows and effects of marine pollution;

carry out activities to raise awareness of the territory and sea;

contribute towards improving the global environment and, in particular, the Cascais coast.

CASCAISEA's action is not limited to the sea and the people of Cascais. We are always ready to collaborate and help those that fight for the same cause: our Oceans cannot wait any longer!

Our founder

Miguel Lacerda, born and raised in Cascais, is a diver, sailor, environmental activist and pioneer of ocean clean-up action in Portugal.

Honoured with a medal of municipal merit for defense of the environment and nature conservation (2009), Miguel collects more than 30 thousand litres of marine waste per year along the Portuguese coast and under the sea and wants future generations to be able to enjoy the oceans as much as he does.

CASCAISEA, his Environmental Association, was founded in Cascais in the summer of 2019 with the mission to actively defend the oceans and their ecosystems.

Miguel Lacerda


The success of our mission depends greatly on the commitment and participation of all of us.
Years for review: 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

Litres of waste removed

Sea actions

Coastline actions

Rivers and streams actions

number of participants



CASCAISEA is an important asset for the protection of the Oceans, particularly the sea off Cascais.
At a time when humankind’s transformation and technological development is drastically interfering with marine ecosystems, and the anthropocentric impact on the planetary biosphere is unprecedented – compromising present and future generations, as well as the survival of various species – we are attentive to everything that may harm or compromise the oceans and marine life.

O que fazemos
  • 1

    We are ready to act to minimize or solve specific or future situations that may compromise the environment;

  • 2

    We are critics and whistle-blowers of everything that is a result of negligence, arrogance, opportunism and complacency;

  • 3

    We carry out studies on environmental issues, both on land and at sea;

  • 4

    We foster citizens' awareness of the importance of defending the environment;

  • 5

    We organize work, studies, activities, action and regular interventions;

  • 6

    We collaborate with entities, authorities, associations, NGOs, schools, companies, and clubs, etc;

  • 7

    We carry out activities to raise awareness of the sea;

  • 8

    We support and collaborate in the recovery and reuse of professional fishing equipment.

Corpos Sociais
  • Management

    President: Miguel Lacerda
    Member: Pedro Jordão
    Member: Sandra Marques

  • Board of the General Assembly

    President: António D’Orey Capucho
    Secretary: Teresa Farias

  • Single Auditor:

    Pedro Lopes


Marina de Cascais

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The typology, provenance and factors that cause marine waste to appear in a particular location differ greatly from area to area. On this website we will only present data since 2014, from the west coast of Sintra/Cascais; the data refers to one of the most strategic areas of the eastern part of the North Atlantic.

The area goes from Cabo Raso to Adraga Beach (excluding the concessioned beaches of Crismina and Guincho, where waste is removed by the municipality).

These are difficult (often dangerous) areas and accesses: trails, cliffs, escarpments, rocks, caves, cracks ... places where waste is very difficult to remove by man, which would guarantee us better conclusions from evaluation (or monitoring).



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